The Minolta AL is a well finished, sturdily built heavyweight rangefinder. It’s slightly smaller–but heavier–than the Hi-Matics found in our collection and has a superior shutter. The Citizen fires all the way up to 1/1000, and aperture closes down to f22 which is rare in this generation of cameras and adds extra versatility when shooting. There is an EV scale on the shutter speed ring which is handy if shooting without a meter. (EV is equivalent to LV at ISO100 see glossary).

Like the Konica Sii the focusing action is solid and smooth and the focusing ring design is similar to an SLR lens (Auto-Takumar) of the same period. The lens itself, the Rokkor PF found on the Hi-Matic 7s & 9 is slightly slower at f2 (same as the Konica Sii) and delivers needle sharp professional performance. The viewfinder is bright and has a moving frame for parallax compensation. Unlike the Konica Sii the meter needle isn’t seen in the viewfinder and is only visible on the top of the body.

Title Data
Lens: Rokkor PF 45mm f2
6 elements in 5 groups
AOV: 52º
Diaphragm: f2 - f22
Shutter: Optiper-Citizen MLT
Shutter speeds: B, 1 sec - 1/1000
Viewfinder: Parallax compensated bright lumi-frame finder
Focusing: Direct helicoid focusing coupled to super-imposed rangefinder
Focal range: 3ft - ∞
Exposure modes: Manual & Auto
Exposure meter: Built in selenium meter cross coupled with shutter
Battery: N/A
ASA: 10 - 800
Self-timer: Delay up to about 10 seconds
Winding method: Single full stroke
Winding distance: 220º
Filter mount: 40.5mm, screw in
Dimensions WxHxD: 130 x 85 x 75
Weight: 769g / 1.7lb
Year: 1961

Download the manual (PDF)