An ongoing project born of a passion for beautifully engineered mid century cameras, and a delight in using them in the practice of manual film photography.

We collect and restore select vintage rangefinder cameras and then use these cameras to create the images in our gallery. We espouse the romantic ideal of pre-electronic photography –  when photographers had to know what they were doing to take a great photo.

We take great care, time and pride in refurbishing each camera that we acquire for our studio. All cameras pass the same rigorous tests before we take them out on assignment. We replace leathers with premium quality wood veneers tailored to each camera for a unique, elegant appearance.

No two cameras are exactly the same, that’s why we continue to restore cameras rather than rely on the collection we already have. We love the mystery of not knowing where the cameras have been before, who has used them and what photos they might have taken.

This website
We hope you find this website both interesting and informative. It is intended to serve not only as a resource to discover some amazing objects but also as a place to learn more about them, to understand exactly what they are capable of and why. We hope the information contained becomes a useful sourcebook for anyone wanting to learn more about rangefinder cameras, manual film photography, or both.